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Things to Consider When Buying Your New Home . . .

Learn the Language
  • become familiar with mortgage terminology and with the process of buying a home
Get Pre-Approved
  • ask for a mortgage pre-approval before searching for a home
  • by doing this, you will know how much you can afford to pay before you start house hunting
House Hunting
  • this is the fun part!
  • enjoy the time you spend looking for a home that suits your needs and preferences
Make an Offer
  • when you find the perfect home make an offer to purchase, conditional upon the final approval of financing from your lender
Finalize Your Financing
  • provide your mortgage broker with a copy of the Purchase and Sale Agreement papers
  • you may also be asked for other confirming documents at this time
Receive the Mortgage
  • we will have the property appraised and will send you a formal written commitment within a few days
 Bring in Your Lawyer
  • we will forward a copy of the signed mortgage instructions to your lawyer
Get the Keys
  • on or near the day of closing, the funds will be forwarded to the lawyer by the lender where they’ll be held in trust until the sale of your home closes
  • the lawyer will handle the actual transaction
  • pick up the keys and move into your new home!

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